Trusco Trueline Model 250N 350N Nitrogen Powered Parking Lot Striper Review

The Trueline Model 250N is Trusco Manufacturing’s nitrogen powered 5 gallon parking lot striping machine. The 350N is the 10 gallon model.  It sprays using a very simple airless system that takes compressed nitrogen and presses down on the paint in the main tank forcing it out the spray tip and into a spray box.  The fan pattern spray hits the edge of the box and is directed downward creating a perfect line.  This seems like a simple concept but Trusco has spent years getting it just perfect.

I have used the 250N Trueline striping machine and am very satisfied with it.  Using nitrogen has certain advantages and disadvantages.  First, the machine is the next to the least expensive striping machine that Trusco makes.  (the model 20 is the least expensive)  This makes the model 250N the choice for many stripers who are on a budget.  If you already have a tank than all you have to do is have it filled with nitrogen and hook it up.  If you do not have a tank you can lease or buy one.  The nitrogen tanks run about $100 plus to buy and about $15 to refill.  Second, the machines pressurize almost instantly.  There is very little waiting for the main tank to build up sufficient pressure to stripe.  Third,  they are very quiet.  There is no motor and virtually no noise.  All you hear is the sound of the paint being sprayed.   This allows you to hear traffic and stay safe. Fourth, because the machine gets pressure from a cylinder there are no moving parts.  You can work on it yourself so there is never a shop needed and almost no downtime. Lastly, nitrogen is a neutral gas and does not react with any paints.  (note-co2 will react with certain traffic paints so you need to be careful if you use co2 for pressure)

The downside to nitrogen is that you have to keep refilling the tank.  Also, if you run out at midnight you have to stop striping.  I keep an extra tank to eliminate this problem.  Lastly, if you get a tall nitrogen tank the machine will be a little top heavy so you need to make sure it is strapped down when you transport it.

All Trusco Trueline stripers lay down beautiful stripes and the 250n is no exception.  If you are using a good tip, the correct pressure, and have mixed your paint properly you can expect a consistent perfect line.  Also, in high winds the spray box protects your spray head so lines stay nice even in those conditions.

The model 250N will spray acrylic water based and oil based paints.  I spray only water based acrylic in mine and have never been asked to use anything else. Water based paints perform just as well as oil and clean up much easier.   Also, when buying paint, remember the creamier and smoother your paint is the easier it will be to spray.  Chalky paint does not perform well in any machine.

You can get parts from the manufacturer or in many cases locally.  If you need a hose there is normally a company in every city that make them. The tips are T-Jets and available across the company and also from Trusco.

Overall, I give the Trusco Trueline Model 250N a high rating.  It is especially recommended for companies on a tight budget.  If you have a little extra check out the battery powered 250 model.

Here is a video of the machine in use.