Trusco Trueline Model 250EC 350EC Electric Compressor Paint Striper Review

The Trueline Model 250EC Electric Compressor Striper is a 5 gallon parking lot striping machine similar to the other model 250 machines but powered by a electric compressor and pump. The 350EC is the 10 gallon model. This is Trusco’s newest addition to their growing line of quality line stripers. The model 250/350 electric compressor powered machine sprays using Trusco’s simple but effective airless system that takes compressed air  and presses down on the paint in the main tank forcing it into a spray tip which is in an enclosed spray box. The spray tip puts out a flat fan pattern spray that hits both bottom edges of the box and is directed downward creating a perfect line. This process seems to be  simple but Trusco has spent years getting the process just perfect.

I have used the 250N and 250BP  and like both of them. The EC or electric compressor model is relatively new and is designed for people who do not want to carry high pressure gas cylinders around and who have access to an electrical outlet.

Here is how the machine works. When you get to a job site you would thin and mix your paint, fill the machine, and then plug in the machine and pressurize the main red tank as well as the paint tank.  Once the tanks are pressurized you can unplug the machine and start striping.  The red tank will continue to provide pressure and will easily pump the paint out of the paint tank.  When you refill the paint tank you would plug in the compressor again and start the process over.  The compressor unit is removable so it can be used for other jobs that require air pressure.  It is like getting two machines in one.

The machines center of gravity is fairly low making it easy to handle and transport. Also, once you have run the compressor and pressurized the red tank it is just as quiet as the other Trueline Striping machines.  Unlike the nitrogen model, there is a pump so there are moving parts, however, replacement or repair is simple and inexpensive if ever necessary.

All of the Trusco Trueline model 250 and 350 stripers lay down beautiful stripes and the electric compressor powered 250EC and 350EC striping machines are no exception. If you are using a new or good tip, the correct amount of air pressure, and have mixed your paint to the proper viscosity you can expect a consistent perfect line every time. In high winds this will not change because the spray box protects your spray tip so your lines stay nice even in those conditions.

The model 250EC or 350EC paint striping machines are able to spray acrylic water based and oil/solvent based paints. I personally spray only water based acrylic paint in mine. Water based paints perform just as well as oil and clean up much easier. Oil or solvent paints require mineral spirits or solvents for cleanup which can be a problem. Also, oil based paints do perform well in damp conditions. For example, if you are striping with oil based paint and a mist or dew sets in it can create a real problem.  Water based paints are much more forgiving in this situation.  Also,  oil based paints do not do well with sealcoat. If you stripe over fresh sealcoat with an oil based paint the black from the sealer will often come up through the stripe and ruin your job.  This is less likely to happen with water based acrylic paints.

TIP – When buying paint, keep in mind that the creamier and smoother the paint is the easier it will spray. Chalky paint does not perform well in any machine.

You can get parts from Trusco or in many cases locally depending on the part. If all you need is a hose or a brass fitting there is normally a company in every city that makes them. The tips are T-Jet agricultural tips and are available across the company and also from Trusco. The machines are welded high grade steel and are difficult to damage.

The 250EC and 350EC are recommended for companies or stripers that will always be near an electrical outlet.  The machines are especially good for companies or factories who do a lot of indoor striping in that there are no gas fumes from an engine.  Plus they are quiet. If you do striping jobs where you are far away from power then you would want to consider the nitrogen powered model, the battery powered model or the T2000 Honda engine striper.

Here is a video of the machine in use.