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MK-SG-5 Scarifier with 12 Point Steel Blunt Tooth Drum – Review

MK Diamond 165277 SG-5 Electric Scarifier with 6 Point Carbide Drum

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Product Description

165277 Features: -Scarifier with 6 Point Carbide Drum MK-SG-5. -Designed for scarifying, roughening, planing, leveling, smoothing or creating grooves in concrete surfaces. -Can be used to remove paint or coatings and to clean and prepare concrete surfaces prior to coating, re-coating and floor covering installation. -Rugged sand casting and heavy gauge steel construction. -Precision adjustable depth control. -Engage or disengage lever allows operator to raise and lower the cutter drum without changing depth setting. -Quick-change drum. -Depending on cutting wheel style, production rate varies from 350 to 500 square feet per hour for a 1/8-inch removal depth. Specifications: -Item # 165277. -Engine/Motor: Baldor (Electric). -Power: 5 HP, 230V, Single Phase. -Drum Dimensions: 6” x 8”. -Dimensions: 23” L x 20” W x 43” H. -Weight: 10 lbs.

Product Details

  • Designed to leave a clean, textured or rough finish on any type of concrete or asphalt surface
  • Unique engage/disengage lever allows the operator to raise and lower the drum without losing the depth setting
  • Drums available to provide cleaning, texturing, leveling, grooving and paint removal
  • Drums are interchangeable and provide for fast and easy changeover