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Roland Stika SV 8/12/15 Plotter/Cutter Review

The Roland Stika is an affordable entry level vinyl cutter that comes in three different widths. It is not a built to be a commercial machine but in the right applications it can generate a nice income for it’s owner. The Stika excels in creating small signs and decals and can also cut other materials such as heat transfer film and glass etching resist. There is profit to be made in all of these applications. The pros of the Stika are its affordable price and quality. The downside to the Stika would be its light duty construction and limted features which limits it to hobby type signs. If you plan to do larger signs or cut heavier material then a full size Roland would be a better purchase.

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The Roland Stika comes in three different models.  The SV-8 cuts material up to 8″ wide and the SV-12 cuts material up to 12″ wide.  The SV-15 cuts material up to 15″.  Prices are as follows:

Roland Stika SV-8 – $525
Roland Stika SV-12 – $735
Roland Stika SV-15 – $1,045