Shopbot Buddy CNC Router BT32 BT48 Review

The Shopbot Buddy BT32 and BT48 CNC routers are amazing and affordable machines capable of creating an unimaginable number of products.   The machines cut and shape in 3D and are in many ways like a robotic carving machines.  A CNC router is also like a saw but will cut in multiple directions.  All controlled by a computer or laptop and some easy to use CAD/CAM Design software.

The Shopbot Buddy is a small footprint CNC router designed for industrial, commercial, or hobby applications. It is able to cut wood, acrylic, and soft metals like aluminum or brass. Like all CNC machines the Shopbot Buddy is controlled via a computer software program which enables you to make everything from simple cut-out shapes to complicated 3 dimensional carvings.  The Buddy is different from most CNC routers which are very expensive and designed for industrial applications only.  The Shopbot Buddy model BT32 and BT48 incorporate many of the same features as full-size industrial systems. The machines weigh less than 600lbs and require about 16 square feet of room.  Both machines come with easy to use but functional software to drive the machine to make parts for everything from the dedicated home improver to a small business owner.  Shopbot Buddies are available in two models. One had a 24″x32″ work area and the other has a 24″x48″ work area.  Shopbot Buddies come pre-assembled and are ready to plug in and use. Shopbot offers a PowerStick attachment which allows you to work with materials up to 12 feet in length.

Here is a video of the ShopBot Buddy in action.