Roland EGX-30A Compact Desktop Engraver Engraving Machine Review

The Roland EGX 30A compact desktop engraver is a larger version of the 20A engraver.  It has a 12 x 8 work area. It engraves in 2d and comes with Dr. Engrave software from Roland.

With a little practice you can begin creating all types of basic engraved items from trophy plates to industrial machine name tags.   This model is a workhorse type machine and will crank out production with no complaints.

The EGX-30A makes engraving an easy task. To operate the machine simply use the bundled Dr. Engrave software to design your badge, nameplate or plaque and let it generate an engraving path for the project. Then simply send the job and the desktop engraver automatically detects the material’s thickness and begins the job. While engraving, you can easily adjust the feed rate and rpm of the machine by simply turning the knob located on the control panel.

The specifications on the EGX-30A are as follows.

Model EGX-30A
Table Top 12 x 8 1/16th in (305 x 205 mm)
Maximum operation area 12 x 8 1/16th in (305 x 205 mm)
Feed rate 1 15/16th in/sec. (50mm/sec.)
Mechanical resolution 0.000394 in/step (0.01mm/step), 0.0000492 in/step  (0.00125mm/step) using micro step control.
Software resolution 0.000394 in/step  (0.01mm/step)
Distance accuracy 0.000394 in/step (+/-0.1mm) or +/-0.5% of moving distance, Whichever is greater.
Right-angle accuracy +/-0.000394in (12 1/16” in), +/-1mm (305mm)
Spindle motor Brushless DC motor, maximum 27 Watt
Revolution speed 5,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute
Engraving tool mounting diameter 1/8in. (3.175mm)
Acceptable engraving materials Plastics, various light materials and Brass and Aluminum for Scribing
Speed of tool up / down movement 1 per sec.
Interface USB 1.1 (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1), Serial (RS-232C compliant)
Mode Indicators 2 (ENGRAVER/SCORE)
Power requirements Dedicated AC Adapter: AC 100 to 240V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
Machine: DC 24V, 0.7A
Acoustic noise level Operation Mode: 70 dB (A) or less, Standby mode: 40dB (A) or less
(According to ISO 7779)
External dimensions 20-1/4 in. (W) x 19-3/8 in. (D) x 8-9/16 in. (H)
513 mm (W) x 491 mm (D) x 217 mm (H)
Weight 13.2 kg (29.1 lb.)
Packed dimensions 34 in. (W) x 24 in. (D) x 12 in. (H)
863.6 mm (W) x 609.6 mm (D) x 304.8 mm (H)
Packed weight 37.5 lb.
Operation temperature 41 to 104°F
Operation humidity 35 to 80%  do not operate in an area with condensation
Accessories AC Adapter, Power cord, USB Cable, Dust collector hose and duct, Character cutter, Engraving-tool holder, Diamond scribe adapter, Hexagonal screw driver, Spanner, Hexagonal wrench, Test material, Adhesive sheet for securing material, Roland Software package CD-ROM, User’s manual

Here is a video of the Roland EGX-30A in action.