Miller MC250 and MC350 Concrete Curb Extruder Machines – Review

The Miller MC250 concrete curbing machines are rugged easy to use machines for creating curbs in landscaping areas or commercial applications. The Miller MC 250 and 350 models are available with different dies to create different types of curbing for home landscaping or commercial curbing.

The MC250 and MC350 take mixed cement or mortar mix and extrude it through a die thus forming a perfect curb. A little finishing is needed but the machines does the majority of the work. It takes a little practice at first but after a short while you can create almost any shape your customer needs. The machines weigh about 220 lbs and come with a 6 year warranty. Both models run in the upper $3,000 range.

For home landscaping, a ground preparation machine is recommended. These machines pull off a 2″ layer of grass so that you can get down to solid earth.

Profit margins are good and on a $1000 job you should be able to keep about $600 in profit.

The video below shows a Miller concrete curb machine in action.