Lil Little Bubba Concrete Curbing Curb Machine – Review

The Lil Bubba Curb (Curbing) Machine is one of my favorite. It has some advanced features that solve a few problems that other machines have. One is an extreme plunger system which rises seven inches into the hopper to avoid bridging problems. In other words, it pulls concrete down into the plunger area to avoid gaps that can be caused by cement not gravity dropping in. The machines also feature 4 horsepower Honda engines which are very reliable. The money you can make with these machines is unbelievable. This is a great business for anyone including husband and wife teams. The equipment is self propelled so all you need is someone to mix cement and someone to guide the machine.

A Little Lil Bubba concrete curbing machine will run you a minimum of $4,500.  The videos below show the Lil Bubba in action.  It does not take a lot of imagination to realize that this machine is a real money maker.  Either by itself or combined with a landscaping business.