Cool Reflective Vinyl to Cut with a Plotter

Engineer grade reflective tape for vinyl cuttersAlong with cool machines like Vinyl Plotters come lots of cool materials to cut such as multi colored vinyls and of course reflective vinyl. Reflective vinyls come in many types and colors. Some are brighter than others and some are easier to cut than others. Thin, single layer reflective material can be cut fairly easily with a vinyl cutter using a 60 degree blade.

The easiest material to cut is a Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Tape.  It is just a little thicker than standard vinyl and very soft and pliable so a plotter has no issues cutting it.  A 45 degree blade may work but a 60 degree is more appropriate.  Also, a little more pressure than what you would use for standard vinyl is needed.  8 colors are available for this material.

Oralite V98 reflective tape is also cuttable but may take multiple passes and more pressure  if you are using a standard cutter.  A Graphtec commercial cutter will do it in one pass.  A 60 degree blade has to be used on this material because of how thick it is.  7 colors are available in the V98 line.

Finally, an Oralite V82 or V92 reflective tape  will also work in a plotter.  60 degree blade and pressure above what you would use for standard vinyl or engineer grade reflective.

One thing is for sure, you can create amazing products using a basic vinyl cutter and some colorful reflective tape.  Amaze your customers and keep them safe all at the same time.

plotter cut reflective tape engineer grade