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Everyday thousands of people drive to a $10 per hour job passing by at least one lawn care trailer on the way. What they don’t know is that the guy on the mower is making $60 per hour. Why does he make so much? He actually doesn’t. The machine he is on does. He just happens to own it.

Everyone has to make a living. Most people try to earn as much as they can and maintain as high a standard of living as possible. As the cost of living continues to rise this becomes more and more difficult.  There are a few basic schools of thought when it comes to earning a good living. One popular way is to sell your time. This is where you clock in and out and get paid based upon how many hours you work. Salaried workers get paid the same way but without the time clock. How much you make per hour will depend on your skills and education. A good college education or trade school can make an hour of your time worth much more. The problem is that you quickly run out of time to sell. Also, you are generally working for someone that you call “boss”. I have personally always had a problem with the “boss” part.

If you don’t mind being your own boss then a better way to earn a living is to own a machine and let it make money for you. Machine hours are much more productive than man hours. In other words, what may take you an hour to do may take a machine 5 minutes. Why? Because machines are specially designed to do one particular task very well. And they will do it non stop with no complaints and no pay. The pay goes to the owner of the machine which can be you. The amount you make will depend on the machine. If there is little or no competition then your machine can make a tremendous amount of money per hour.

Computer controlled routers, parking lot striping machines, laser engravers, concrete curb machines, roll slitters, large format printers, vector cutters, and plasma cutters are just a few.

The purpose of this site is to list and review the different machines that the average person can afford. In other words it is written to help people who are tired of working by the hour for a boss start a business, buy a machine, and live a better life. By owning the right machine and knowing how to use it you can increase your hourly profit substantially. To give you an example, a simple parking lot striping machine can earn you $50 per hour. A CNC router can make you well over $100 per hour.

Making more per hour can also make it possible for you to free up some of your time. Let’s say you make $20 per hour and work 40 hours per week. That is $800 per week which is good. Now let’s say you own a large format printer that makes you $80 per hour. If you work the machine 40 hours a week you would make $3,200. However, if you cut back to 20 hours a week you will make $1,600 and get your life back at the same time. The choice would be yours.

I can tell you from personal experience that the second method is better.


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