Zing 16 24 CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving System Review

The Zing 16 and 24 CO2 laser engravers are American made machines designed for shops that want quality production on a budget.  The Zing machines are loaded with features normally only found on more expensive machines.

Epilog’s CO2 and Fiber laser systems can engrave, cut, or mark a multitude of materials. The examples below will give you an idea of just how versatile this machine really is.  The Zing machines will engrave :

Wood – Wood engraving is one of the most popular uses for the Zing  laser. Wood comes in a variety of types, sizes and colors and is easy to work with.  It reacts well to the lazer and can be shaded by the machine which gives you the ability to actually laser a photo into wood. The Epilog Zing 16 and 24 laser engraving machines are used in almost every woodworking category you can imagine.

Glass – You would think that the laser will simple go right through glass with no effect but that is not true.  A CO2 laser actually frosts glass very well.  You can even product designs on curved surfaces like bottles or glasses.  For a deeper etch you can apply sandblast resist to the glass, burn through it with the laser, and then sandblast.

Fabric – You can’t etch fabric but you can certainly cut through it.  Fabric cutting with lasers has become very popular.  You can do intricate designs and the nice thing is that the laser sears the edges of the fabric as you cut it.  Heat transfer material can be cut the same way and then transfered to tshirts or hats.

Metal –  Etching metal can create a variety of valuable products.  Many companies want barcodes etched into machinery and a laser is just about the only way to accomplish this.

Plastic – Engraving plastic is popular because so many electronic gadgets are made from this substance.  Plastic is very easy to etch or to cut right through.  The possibilities for design work and profit are endless.  Name tags are also plastic and you can create basic ones or very intricate tags.

Leather – Leather can be shaded, etched and engraved much like wood.  Imagine laser etching a family portrait onto a leather purse.  With a Zing laser by Epilog this is one of a thousand choices that you would have.

The Zing will also laser engrave Acrylic, Coated Metal, Ceramic,, Rubber, Tile, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass and more.  The resolution is equivalent to about 100 dpi. Here are some more specs:

Maximum Engraving Area: 16 inches x 12 inches

Laser  Wattage: 25 Watt, air-cooled metal waveguide laser tube

Operating Modes: Optimized raster, vector, and combined mode.

Motion Control System: High  Speed  Micro Stepper Motors

Resolution: Can be user controlled ; 100 to 1000 Dots Per Inch

Printing Interface: 10 Base T ethernet cable or USB

Size: 28.75″ W x 11.75″ H x 22.125 D

Weight: 70 pounds

Max Material Thickness: 4″ (101 mm)

Ventilation System: External exhaust to the outside is required. This is done via a 4 inch output port.

Epilog Zing 16 24 Pricing – An Epilog Zing 16 machine will run you about $8,000 and a Zing 24 laser engraver will start at aound $11,000.

The video below shows the Epilog Zing 16/24 Laser Engaver in use.