Trusco Trueline Model 20 Pump Up Parking Lot Striper Review

The Trusco Manufacturing Trueline Model 20 is a very popular small striper used by small striping companies as well as shopping center or facility owners. The base price for a Trueline Model 20 pump up striper is $635 plus applicable taxes and shipping.  I have used the Trueline machines and have found them to be very reliable and easy to work on. They never need to go to a shop because parts are so easy to obtain and install. This keeps downtime to a minimum which over time will actually pay for the machine. The Trueline Model 20 is a pump up machine which means that as you stripe you will need to keep it manually pressurized by using the built in hand pump. This would amount to a few pumps per 80 – 100 feet of striping.

The Trueline machines are low pressure airless machines which means that you will need to thin the paint a little before you pour it through a filter into the machine. This makes it easier for the machine to spray the paint. Because the machine sprays the lines within a spray box, the lines actually come out just as thick as they would if you used un-thinned paint.

The machine comes standard with a 4″ spray box (most common), a funnel and strainer, a viscosity measuring tool and a tank cleaning brush.  The machine is almost fully assembled and you can normally start striping about 30 minutes after you recieve it.  The company builds and ships the machines out of Ocala Florida.  Shipping time for machines in stock can be anywhere from 2 – 7 days depending on your location.

Trusco Manufacturing has been in business since the 1960’s and has one of the best reputations in the striping business.  The company and the machines get my highest rating for quality, simplicity, service and price.

The video below show the machine in use.