Roland EGX-20 Compact Desktop Engraver Engraving Machine

The Roland EGX-20 Compact Desktop Engraver is great for small shops, hobbyists, mall kiosks and small gift engravers. It has an 8″ x 6″ x 1.25″ work area and will engrave in 2d and a type of 3d.  This amazing little machine can engrave plastic, wood, brass, wax, foam, and other light materials.  Normally included with the Roland EGX-20 package is the Roland Dr. Engrave Software, the Roland 3D Engrave Software package and the Roland Virtual Modela Software package. The little machines run a little over $2,000. All you need to add is a computer and some items to engrave.

With the Roland EGX-20 Desktop Engraver and a little practice, anyone can produce beautiful, professional engravings of text and graphics right from their computer. The EGX-20 is designed by Roland to be very easy to operate, even for beginner engravers.

The EGX-20 is powerful enough to handle a  variety of engraving jobs, including awards, product serial numbers, trophy plates, personalized items and more.  It is at the same time, small enough to fit comfortably on your desktop.

One of the coolest features of the EGX-20 is its Automatic Surface Tracking System or AST.  This amazing system automatically tracks the height of the material that you are engraving to ensure a consistent cut depth. It even works on bowed or non-uniform surfaces.  The Automatic Surface Tracking system makes setting the origin point and cutting depth very easy resulting in beautiful results with less learning time and less waste.

The Roland EGX-20 comes with a 15,000 rpm motor giving it the power to engrave more materials than comparable machines.  The Dr. Roland engraving software is your basic program for cutting fonts and graphics.  The Roland 3d program works with the Dr. Roland software and converts your designs to 3d reliefs.  The Virtual Modela lets you view your work on the computer prior to sending the job to the engraver.

EGX-20 Desktop Engraver Specifications

Maximum Work Area 8″ X 6″ X 1.25″
Table Load Weight Maximum 1 Kg
Carriage Cutting Range 203.2 (X-Axis) X 152.4 (Y-Axis) X 31.8 (Z-Axis) mm
Carriage Operating Speed X And Y Axes: 0.1 To 1 mm/sec., 1 To 15 mm/sec.

Z Axis: 0.1 To 1 mm/sec., 1 To 6 mm/sec.

Cutting-Depth Control Active Surface Tracking System
Maximum Cutting Depth for Machine 3D Cutting Mode: 0.002 To 0.27 ” (0.05 To 7 mm)

Engraving Mode: 0.002 To 0.039 ” (0.05 To 1 mm)

Materials that can be cut Composition: Resin (Rigid Acrylics, Modeling Wax, Abs, Polyacetals, Polycarbonates, Foamed Material, Etc.), Wood, And Gypsum

Maximum Thickness: 1.18″ (30 mm)

Cutting Resolution .00039″/Step (0.01 mm/Step)
Spindle Motor 12 Watt (DC Motor)
Spindle Rotating Speed 4,000 To 15,000 rpm
Blade Diameter 3.175 mm
Interface Parallel (Compliant With IEEE 1284)
Power Supply Dedicated AC Adapter

Input: AC 100 To 240 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Output: DC 19 V, 2.1 A

Power Consumption Maximum During Operation: 0.6 A At 100 V, 0.27 A At 240 V
Operating Noise Level Standby: Less Than 45 Db

No-Load Operation: Less Than 70 Db (According To ISO 7779)

Machine Dimensions 20″ (W) X 14.5″ (D) X 10.65″ (H) (515.2 (W) X 368.3 (D) X 270.6 (H) mm)
Machine Weight 24 Lb (10.9 Kg)
Package External Dimension 26.5″ (W) X 20.4″ (D) X 16″ (H) (673 (W) X 518  (D) X 412 (H) mm)
Package Weight 34 Lb (15.5 Kg)
Operating Environment Temperature: 41° – 104° F (5° To 40° C)

Relative Humidity: 35 To 80 % (No Condensation)

Included Items And Accessories AC Adapter, Power Cord, Power Plug Adapter, Blade, Blade Holder, Depth Regulator Noses (Large And Small), Adhesive Sheet For Mounting Material, Test-Use Plate Material, Hexagonal Screwdriver, Hexagonal Wrenches (Large And Small),

Roland Software Package, User’s Manual

Here is a video of the Roland Engravers at work.