Edgemaster Series 800 Concrete Curbing Machine Review

The Edgemaster concrete curbing machine is one of the more popular commercial curb machines on the market today. It is available with different dies to create different types of curbing for home landscaping or commercial parking lot curbing. Also available is the Edgeprep ground preparation machines which is a must have machine when doing residential landscaping curbing.

The Edgemaster 800 takes mixed cement and extrudes it through a die thus forming a perfect curb. With a little practice you can create almost any shape your customer needs. The Edgemaster is available in a honda gas and an electric model. It weighs about 220 lbs and comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Edgeprep machine is similar to a tiller and preps the surface so it can be leveled and hold the new curb.

For home landscaping, proper ground preparation machine is recommended. A ground prep machine like an “Edgeprep” will pull off a 2″ layer of grass so that you can get down to solid earth.

Profit margins for a concrete curbing business are in excess of 60%.

The video below shows a Miller concrete curb machine in action.