All About Concrete / Cement Border Curb Making Machines

When I first saw one of these machines being used I was blown away by how simple and cool they were.  Creating concrete curbing by hand is not just time consuming but also difficult.  The main problem is making the job look professional.  These little machines make it look easy because if you own one making curbs is easy.  Plus I do not know anyone who would not want what this machine can produce.  I spent days in my yard putting down blocks for a garden border and this machine could have done the job in an hour. Word of mouth advertising will keep you busy year round.

These amazing little machines utilize a plunger or auger to press or extrude concrete that you shovel into the top of the machine out of a form that creates the curb.  The action is similar to a  meat grinder or a play dough toy.  The concrete holds together because it is mixed to be very dry much like mortar mix.  If it was wet and loose it would not hold its form.  Since the freshly extruded border takes a while to dry you have some time to smooth out the cement,  cut in expansion joints, press or roll in a pattern, etc…  You can either use colored cement or standard cement.  You also have the option of staining the cement later with acid or standard concrete stain.

The steps for making a curb are as follows. Remove the grass with a turf cutter, mix the concrete, position the machine and start extruding the curb. Then just cut expansion joints and hammer in your pattern if necessary.  The machines movement is propelled by the extrusion process so all you do is guide it.

The video below shows the entire process and goes into detail about pricing and the time it takes to complete a typical job.  If you are efficient, a crew of two guys should be able to earn around $100 per hour.  This is after material costs.