55 gallon AK2200-B Sealcoating Spray Machine by Asphalt Kingdom – Review

These little sealcoaters are very popular machines and are used all over the country to sealcoat driveways and parking lots.  They do the job and are very inexpensive which allows almost anyone to get into the lucrative business of sealcoating.

The Asphalt Kingdom AK2200-B 55 gallon drum system is a simple machine that utilizes a 55 gallon drum for material storage and a basic gasoline engine powered pump for pressure and agitation. The only difference between the model B and the AK2200 Model T is the capacity of the tank and the material the tank is made from. This compact 55 gallon drum unit is sufficient to sealcoat  about 5500 square feet of parking lot or driveway whereas the larger model T will sealcoat about 27,500 square feet. The main advantage of the smaller machine is portability and a slightly lower purchase price. Also, some people prefer the toughness of a 55 gallon drum. In any event, due to the flexibility of these systems you would always have the option of upgrading to either a larger tank multiple 55 gallon drums.

The AK2200-B machine comes with the 55 gallon drum,  the gasoline engine driven pump and spray wand. One question people ask is whether the machine will pump sand. The AK2200 machines will pump and spray sand. Keep in mind that with this and all machines, pumping sand will shorten the impeller life.  However,  parts can be easily replaced and having sand mixed in with the sealcoat is an important way to increase safety and reduce your liability since sand keeps people from slipping in wet parking lots.

If you have a small pickup the smaller 55 gallon unit may be all you need.  If you need more sealcoat here is what you can do. Lets say you go to a job and you have two 55 gallon drums full of sealcoat. You finish that job and get another down the street and are getting low on sealcoat. Since you have two drums your helper could take the spare and get it filled while you continue sealcoating with the last drum. As you can see from the picture changing drums is just a matter of changing the lid.

If you have a larger truck and trailer and portability is not an issue and you expect to sealcoat larger parking lots then I would recommend the AK2200-T model.

The 55 gallon AK2200-B runs about $1,550 and is often advertised at Asphalt Kingdom with free shipping.  If you cannot find material locally, Asphalt Kingdom also sells the sealcoat.   Asphalt Kingdom has a good reputation and prompt service. They have a broad variety of very reasonably priced equipment and can help you get into the business on a budget. The equipment is simple and rugged.   This is key when it comes to keeping your equipment up because downtime means no sales.